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Reply To: Binding Antibody Unit (BAU): a new WHO unit concept


I agree. The distinction should be on the component level, not on the level of unit/kind-of-property.

In practice, having a mix of correct and incorrect unit terms is a problem that creates confusion in health care sectors. Especially, when an authority as WHO publishes an incorrect unit term. What to do?

Another issue to discuss is how to term the antibodies with that specific property. By definition all antibodies bind to antigens which makes addition of “binding” to antibody a redundant information, like the term “total”.
As I understand it, the specific antibodies block interaction between vira and host cells by binding to some of the virus’ parts.
“Neutralising” is a very broad concept, and virus may be neutralised other ways than blocking.
I suggest that the specific antibodies can be termed:
-SARS CoV 2 (Spike glycoprotein) antibody(IgG, blocking)
-SARS CoV 2 (Spike glycoprotein) blocking antibody(IgG)

Young Bae