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Substance ratio increment (subst.ratio incr.)


Subst.ratio incr.

Definition in words

Increase of substance ratio of component B in system 1

Definition by equation

Systematic terms

Substance ratio increment of component B in system 1

Result type

Rational scale
  • Value sets are positive numerical values
  • Algebraic operations are allowed (a=nb; a≠nb)
Numerical values from 0-∞


10-6, 10-3, 1 (one), 103, 106, etc.

Unit, one (1) is omitted in the NPU syntax


Ferard G, Dybkaer R, Fuentes-Arderiu X. Compendium of Terminology and Nomenclature of Properties in Clinical Laboratory Sciences : Recommendations 2016. 1 ed: Royal Society of Chemistry; 2016. 182 p.

Laboratory field


Clinical Microbiology

Generic abbreviated form NPU14406 P—Helicobacter pylori antibody(IgG); subst.ratio incr.(proc.) = ?
Full form with a result NPU14406 Plasma—Helicobacter pylori antibody(Immunoglobulin G); substance ratio increment(procedure) = 0.2
Abbreviated form with a result NPU14406 P—Helicobacter pylori antibody(IgG); subst.ratio incr.(proc.) = 0.2
Written expression The substance ratio increment of Helicobacter pylori antibody(IgG) of Mr. Smith’s plasma is [0.2]. The measurement is performed according to procedure defined by the laboratory.


This is the only NPU code with the use of substance ratio increment. However, the component is uncertain as there is no indication of what ratio it is.


  • Kind-of-property

    • Nominal kind-of-property

    • Kind-of-quantity

      • Unitary kind-of-quantity

        • Rational unitary kind-of-quantity

          • Substance ratio increment


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  • Dybkaer R. ISO terminological analysis of the VIM3 concepts ‘quantity’ and ‘kind-of-quantity’. Metrologia. 2010;47(3):127-34.
Date Term Note
1996-01-01 Substance ratio increment Term established
Date Notes


2019-09-05 The results are always positive numeric values.