Taxon - Dynamic NPU Manual



Hierarchical and structural classifications for plants and organisms

Definition in words

Category according to a hierarchical and structural concept system by International conventions

Systematic terms

Taxon of component B in system 1

Result type

Nominal description
  • Value sets are words
  • Algebraic operations are not allowed
  • Possible comparison of value sets (a=b; a≠b)


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Laboratory field


Clinical Microbiology

Example 1
Generic abbreviated form NPU54818 F—Schistosoma(DNA); taxon = ?
Full form with a result NPU54818 Faeces—Schistosoma(DNA); taxon = Schistosoma japonicum
Abbreviated form with a result NPU54818 F—Schistosoma(DNA); taxon = Schistosoma japonicum
Written expression The taxon of Schistosoma(DNA) in Mrs. Smith’s Faeces is [Schistosoma japonicum].
Example 2
Generic abbreviated form NPU58581 B—Bacterium, anaerobic; taxon = ?
Full form with a result NPU58581 Blood—Bacterium, anaerobic; taxon = Streptococcus pneumoniae
Abbreviated form with a result NPU58581 B—Bacterium, anaerobic; taxon = Streptococcus pneumoniae
Written expression The taxon of Schistosoma(DNA) in Mrs. Smith’s Blood is [Streptococcus pneumoniae].


NPU database, and
  • Kind-of-property

    • Nominal kind-of-property

      • Taxon


  • Dybkaer R. Concept system on ‘quantity’: formation and terminology. Accredit Qual Assur. 2013;18(3):253-60.
  • Dybkaer R. ISO terminological analysis of the VIM3 concepts ‘quantity’ and ‘kind-of-quantity’. Metrologia. 2010;47(3):127-34.
Date Term Note Reference
1996-01-01 Taxon Term established NPU database, and
2017-06-29 Taxon Taxon was replaced by Category in NPU codes, in which “procedure” was in the specification to the kind-of-property. C-SC-NPU 2017-11 Copenhagen minutes