General rules on Component - Dynamic NPU Manual


Abbreviation Comp.
Synonym Object, (analyte (see note 2))
Definition A part of the system

The component is an object that is being or intended to be measured/examined

Note 1: An object may be an atomic entity (e.g. Na-ion), molecule entity (e.g. Troponin) or a proces (e.g. coagulation)

Note 2: Analyte is used interchangeable as an atomic entity, molecule entity, but not as a process. Component is a much broader concept.

Note 3: Analyte has also been used as a quantity (measurand). However, that is not recommended (2)

Generic NPU syntax

 NPUxxxxx System(specification)—Component(specification); kind-of-property(specification)= ? unit


Specification added to the component may pinpoitn or restrict the concept intended.

Specification usually designates the subtype of the component.

E.g. “Borrelia burgdorferi antibody” is “any antibodytype binding to Borrelia burgdorferi”.

“Borrelia burgdorferi antibody (IgG)” is “Immunoglobulin G binding to Borrelia burgdorferi”

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  2. De Bièvre, P. “Analyte” is frequently used as synonym for “measurand”: is that correct?. Accred Qual Assur 18, 71–72 (2013).
Subjects Examples Notes
Component without specifications NPU28919 Patient —Urine; volume(procedure) = ? L  
NPU10028 Kidney— Carbamide clearance; volume rate(procedure) = ? mL/s  
NPU56555 Blood— Dextromethadone; substance concentration = ? µmol/L  
NPU56556 Plasma—Enalaprilat; substance concentration = ? nmol/L  
NPU16870 Exhaled air—1,1-Dichloroethene; substance concentration = ? µmol/m³  
NPU23869 Plasma—Ethanol; mass concentration = ? g/L  
Component with specifications    
NPU58148 DNA(Plasma)—ABO gene(NG_006669.1:g.20145_20147insG); variation(procedure) = ?  
NPU12459 Secretion(Trachea)—Adenovirus(ag); arbitrary concentration(procedure) = ?  
Date Subjects Notes